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jOSIE BRANDON IS ABLE TO GET Your original PRODUCT IN FRONT OF BUYERS and she can be part of your coaching business team to keep you on track with results and focus

Yes! You can hire Josie Brandon to pitch to big shots for you. Her circle of influence will help you get to key people. 

josie brandon can help you take your product and company to a network of people you might never be able to reach on your own

let josie brandon pitch your idea to big shots

Josie Brandon can expertly guide you before it gets to the people who help with investing capital or product development. Then once it's ready to be positioned, she will pitch it for you. 


Her consulting fees and/or pitch fees ranges from $2500 to $250,000 depending n the company and organization needs. 

If you have a product, idea and you have already patented it or a company that is looking for investing partners or help, give Josie Brandon's office a call and they can provide a custom quote of consultation and pitch fee.

Are you a business owner who has a great product or company but... can't seem to pitch it?
Top Business Agent/Management Specialist  Josie Brandon Can Help You!


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