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The CEO Workshop teaches The Quantum Brandon Engineering Method.®  The Quantum Brandon Engineering Methods®  is an original system created by Quantum Business Strategist, Josie Brandon. This is a powerful plan of understanding for CEO's and Entrepreneurs who are looking to break free from a struggling business or elevate a strong company to higher and greater proportions.  Josie Brandon created these systems and protocols for CEO's and Entrepreneurs after seeing patterns and trends in behavior, performance, marketplace and metrics. She created this custom system, to put to use by CEO's and Entrepreneurs, so that they  can attain quantum results.   Josie Brandon introduced this method to over 3000 CEO's from 50 countries and speaks globally about Building A Business That Positively Changes Human History. 

Josie Brandon has spent 20 years creating, building and marketing CEO's and their companies. She has been featured on ABC, CBS, Americas Top Businesses, Radio Stations and Television Programs helping CEO's and entrepreneurs break free from the tired and worn out applications and the new applications that can help you and those that can disconnect you from the truth of successful business launching and growth.   

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