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We are the one stop platform with experts from around the world. 

"Josie Brandon goes all the way in making sure everything is in place and she does it big. Average is not remotely in her or in her teams vocabulary or work... She is brillant and works so diligently to make sure you are taken care of. Best business consulting firm I ever had in 30 years." 

  • Josie Brandon is called the "Quantum Business Strategist" by peers. She has been featured on television, radio and event platforms across the world.
  • Josie Brandon leads the way in concepts, design, targeting, positioning, placement and overall business strategy. 
  • Companies privately hire her in confidence of their own business teams to oversee their choices, operational structures and development and to get final approval of strategy as a consultant. 
  • Josie Brandon and her team of experts can handle local, regional, national and international marketing, branding and complete business development.

Pearl Polto

Featured on CNN, Fox News, QVC and television platforms globally. 

Josie Brandon has been featured on ABC, CBS and America's Top Businesses showcase. 


Josie Brandon has a 20 year award winning success history in strategic business development, marketing, sales and creates multi-million dollar wealth systems for companies and CEO's who strive for continued excellence.


Marketing, Sales and Public Relations is a service she provides within her company.


Josie Brandon also offers Marketing & Sales Seminars every month for companies looking to get their employees motivated and aligned with CEO's vision. 

"On my advanced and blessed career path I have been privelaged to value and deeply respect many of the smartest business people globally and discover their true motivation in business. The one thing I discovered is they genuinely want to create an experience for people that is second to none because they know that excellence exists and can always be achieved. I believe Richard Branson says it best on every level and his understanding of emotional intelligence matched with business intelligence really has always made me respect him on every level. He has a calm confidence that I always celebrate."

Proverbs 22:29

Do you see a man who skilled in his work?
He will serve and stand before kings;
He will not stand before obscure men.

branding, marketing, PR & Sales management 

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