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Inspired By Warren Buffet For Years . . . 

Josie Brandon shares her journey in business and leadership principals that always embedded deep thoughts of joy in business enterprise development for self and others. 

Warren Buffet said it best...

"integrity, intelligence, and energy = a great hire"

In a great article written by Inc Magazine in early 2018, I believe one of the greatest quotes that came from Billionaire Warren Buffet was that Integrity, Intelligence and Energy was the success to a great hire. These characteristics have been topics I have shared with my clients for years. 

In business we come across so many different types of business icons and leaders. And in those experiences we are left with impressions that either elevate your belief systems or hinder them.

For me, I observed that Warren Buffet always seemed to get it right beyond just the wise investment choices. He always went deeper into people's characters. I believe his foundational principals are such foundational musts in organizations and in the people we meet along our life journey and business development. 

I also love that he invests time in not only the intellectual business systems of our world but also in the the minds of young people who are developing their minds. 

His projects have inspired me to also work with children in the inner city. In 2016 we were blessed to donate thousands of dollars towards a project to have over 50 children participate in a special angel video program that embraces healthy belief systems and believing anything is infact possible. 

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