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We Decree 

to be a voice and business for great purpose.

Our mission is to build a business that positively changes human history. To wake up each day and know that we serve God and our clients with the highest level of our God given ability, in the natural and supernatural levels. To create, inspire, support, expand, enrich and increase territory to multimillionaires and billionaires both in present and in the making. To empower and create extraordinary relationships with my clients, vendors and team that is second to none. To be the ultimate light keeper, road map, engineer, wealth generator and great teacher of imagination, dream, order in application, lifter and achiever of the human spirit and ultimate business development. To live, love, laugh, celebrate and prove to those who seek visionary inspiration, that nothing is impossible with the right internal navigation and external action. To be the greatest speaker of heart, passion, inner light, purpose, abundance, forgiveness, self discovery, practice, placement, activation, application of our intelligence, creativity and the prepotency of that gift with all of humanity. To love our clients, treat our clients like family and hold them close to our own hearts, to ensure their privacy and confidence at all times and allow them to have peace, joy and absolute trust in all we create and partner with. That our foundation of authenticity and joy be magnified in the great image and desire of  the savior we believe in and hold close to our hearts, Jesus Christ. To be a channel of peace, unity and overwhelming joy. We decree it, we declare it and it is done in his might and in his holy name.  Amen

                           - Josie Brandon and Team

Books Written

Every year Josie Brandon writes books and workbooks for people to learn, grow and prosper.

She understands all aspects of courage, fear, change, and ultimate growth transformation.  She is responsible for creating multi-million dollar companies and


Individuals & Families

                       CEO's & Entrepreneur's

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